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Introducing Gympie Veterinary Services' preventative health plan - the Best Mates Program

The Best Mates Program is NOT pet insurance. It is for dogs and cats aged over 10 weeks of age. Our plan has been designed to maintain healthy pets. It covers those items that a lot of insurance policies don't cover. Membership in our Best Mates Program ensures your peace of mind, knowing your pet will receive our ongoing gold standard care, at cost effective rates. 

What is included in your annual membership?

Annual Vaccinations

Your dog's annual or triannual vaccination including the C3 and Kennel Cough Vaccinations for dogs as required, which protect your dog from the potentially deadly Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Canine Cough (Kennel Cough). 
Your cat's vaccinations tricat, ducat and FIV as required. These vaccinations protect against feline panleucopaenia (or infectious enteritis), feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus (both causes of "cat flu").

Unlimited FREE Vet Consultations

Never pay a consult fee while your pet is covered with the Best Mates Program - only pay for your discounted medication if required. 

Dental Scale and Polish, Dental Chart and Dental X-ray Series

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is caused by bacterial infection that builds up in a substance called plaque. In severe cases this can potentially lead to kidney, heart and liver disease in your pets. Having regular dental checks on your pet can identify any problems early and significantly decrease your pet's risk. 

10 Part Health Screen Blood Test

Blood tests are essential tools for identifying diseases at the earliest stage possible, when they are the most treatable. This health screen can establish a baseline picture of what represents good health for your individual pet and make sure your pet is healthy enough to take certain medications, particularly if there is an underlying problem, such as kidney or liver disease. 


If your pet becomes lost then you are far more likely to be reunited if he or she is microchipped. The Best Mates membership will cover the cost of a microchip if your pet doesn't already have one. 

Discounted Medications (tests and treatments) and Costs of Veterinary Professional Services (includes pathology tests, surgery and hospital treatment)

Best Mates members will be automatically eligible for a 10% discount on all medications dispensed and professional services performed by a vet.

Heartworm and other Parasite Control Products at Discounted Prices

A 15% discount will be applied on the purchase of parasite control products including the Proheart SR12 injection.


Grooming services on your Best Mate will receive a 20% discount for all members

Food and Merchandise

A 15% discount on all food and merchandise sold through Gympie Veterinary Services

Free nail trims

Sounds great! How much does it all cost?

Initial Pet - $490 per year

Subsequent Pets - $430 per year

Terms and conditions apply - please contact us today to find out more!